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Bombing Range Brewing Company's Mike and Dashia Hopp

Photo Credit: Tri-City Herald Wendy Culverwell

Founded in 2015, Bombing Range Brewing Company (BRBC) is the brainchild and passion project of Mike and Dashia Hopp of West Richland, WA.

BRBC focuses on using fine, local northwest ingredients which have made the PNW the mecca of beer enthusiasts worldwide. In addition, we used premium imported malts and hops from Belgium and Germany.

Each barrel of beer is produced locally, by locals, for locals.

Our beer selection is different from any other brewery in our local area. We focus on German-style lagers and Weisens, Belgian style ales, and some Northwest style pales and stouts are thrown in for the fun of it.

We pride ourselves in an atmosphere that provides our guests with a feeling of ownership.

BRBC is located in Richland, WA, near Horn Rapids.

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